While switching to a new yoga asana can be difficult, you can easily increase the resistance level with the help of a wonderful yoga prop Cotton Yoga Belt / Strap. The yoga belt is made of high-quality and reinforced cotton fabric that gives it durability with a fine texture.  The metallic buckles give a firm grip and are easy to adjust. This natural cotton belt allows you to stretch out in style and comfort.   

What is a yoga belt used for?

  • Helps with an extra stretch and physical rehabilitation- Yoga belt is used to extend and lengthen reach.  This is why you're seeing yoga belts more and more in Physical Therapy settings. 
  • Increase your flexibility - For example, if you currently can't touch your finger to your toes, use our anti skid yoga belt/ strap to bridge the gap. Then over time, you can "walk" your hands closer to your feet until the point you can touch them completely without even using the strap.
  • Helps to Hold yoga poses longer - The belt can even help you in keeping your body aligned when you are trying to maintain your position / proper form in yoga poses /asanas for longer time.
  • The yoga belt let you work on improving the muscular strength of specific body parts.


  • Anti-Slip - This yoga strap is made up of natural 100% organic cotton fabric with a strong rib weave structure which does not let your hands slip while sweating during stretching as like polyester yoga strap.
  • This durable belt comes with an easy to use metal buckle that allows you to adjust the length of the belt and safely secure it in place. So the belt can be combined with plenty of postures.  durable strap with a metal buckle for tear resistance.
  • Lightweight and portable Yoga strap is easy to carry and store. Ideal for fitness classes and travel.  
Why Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals. Organic farming methods have been specifically designed to reduce the impact on the environment. It helps preserve biodiversity and soil fertility, and reduces the risk of polluting groundwater tables. The raw strap is made of 100% raw organic cotton (a raw and undyed material).

Care Instructions: 

Yoga Belt is easy to easy to maintain. It is machine washable at 86°F / 30°C.

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