This firm cylindrical Yoga Bag is ideal for carrying yoga mats. The drawstring bag allows you to tighten and secure your yoga mat in place. The breathable jute-cotton fabric material of the bag allows your yoga mat to air out after practice without trapping in any funky smells. The bag comes with strong adjustable shoulder strap.  

Use it to carry your Yoga mat for your Yoga Workouts. Or it can serve as a perfect Beach Bag on your trips to the beach! 

Stay fit and let your inner Sun shine with Yoga and this bag that will carry your Yoga Mat.

Craft Story:

This yoga cylindrical bag is a high quality, naturally-dyed, hand spun and hand woven bag. This cylindrical bag is woven of natural fibers like Jute and Cotton fabrics by a collective of 45 Craftswomen from Rajankatti, Makelmardi, Kadoli, Hunnur, Telaganatti, Madanbhavi, and Chikoppa which are drought prone regions in the state of Karnataka. In this jute cotton cylindrical bags, jute is used in horizontal fashion (in shuttles of loom) to hide the roughness, and to give a detailed finish through cotton thread overlaying. This cotton gives a fine smooth texture feel to the product. 

To make these cylindrical bags a hand peddled wheel mechanism (Charkha Wheel) is used in unwinding the yarn from a larger lot to transfer to bobbins. A Handloom Machine- Hand and foot operated workbench is also used in weaving of fabric.

These products are made with using many of Northern Karnataka’s craft-traditions and techniques such as: indigo dyeing of the Neelgars, rope-twisting, folk-stitching and joinery of the Nadafs, vegetable tanning/dyeing of hides and leather-crafting of the Dhor and Samgar communities, wool-felting, spinning and kambal weaving techniques of sheepherding communities.

Care Instructions: 

The yoga mat bag is suitable for both hand wash and machine wash in cold water, using a mild detergent. This ensures that your mat bag remains clean, fresh and germ-free at all times. Use no bleach or softener and also no centrifugation. Hang dry. 

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