Laxmi -the Hindu Goddess of wealth and abundance. The 2 lotus flowers she holds are symbols of feminine beauty & fertility. 

This Laxmi is a hand made, one of a kind, panchaloha (a term for traditional five-metal alloys) sculpture cast by the artists of a small village on the banks of River Cauvery - SWAMIMALAI - well known for more reasons than one, located seven kms from the Temple Town of Kumbakonam.

Swamimalai is famous for South Indian Bronze moorthy making, and the artisans here have been following a tradition that is several centuries old. It is truly a specialised artistic tradition that is unique to the town, hence the bronze idol manufacturer here are known as the ‘Swamimalai Bronze icons’, earned the Geographical indication (GI) tag.

The Highlight of the moorthy manufacture in Swamimalai is the usage of the ancient method called the Madhuchishtavidhana or lost-wax method (cire perdue) a skill passed on for generations since the Chola period. A science that finds reference in the Rig Veda & Silpa Sasthira, this age-old method spells precision, technique and aesthetics while adhering to the firmly laid down standards and principles.

Made of Panchaloha (Copper, Zinc, Tin, Gold, Silver) - this sculpture is made for worship and is ideal to adorn your pooja room.