Our attempt to spread awareness of the greatest contribution of Indians to world –Zero translates to these one-of-a-kind statement lighting pieces.

This T-light is inspired by the Sanskrit word for zero, “shunya”, which meant void or empty and derived from the word for growth, combined with the early definition found in the Rig-veda of "lack" or "deficiency." The derivative of the two definitions is Śūnyata, a Buddhist doctrine of "emptiness," or emptying one's mind from impressions and thoughts. Thus Shunyata an important philosophical concept that explain the concept of creation from nothing to something and back to nothing – as nothing is permanent in life! From this philosophy, we think that a numeral to use in mathematical equations developed.

The invention of zero was a hugely significant mathematical development, one that is fundamental to calculus, which made physics, engineering and much of modern technology possible.

This elegantly shaped T-Light will light up your spiritual or religious nook in your home – burning bright with a eco-friendly wick and oil or wax to fuel it.

This product is made by artisans of the copper metalcraft in the Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Moradabad is the largest and most active center for metal craft production. The craft enjoys a special place in the handicrafts industry owing to the fine, intricate hand engraving on the metal.