This Shri Yantra Diya Plate is a tea-light/diya plate with Shri Yantra. It is inspired by Sacred Geometry- Yantras. Reminiscent of the yantra typically drawn in white chalk on a black slate, this one is in silver! A Rangoli. Kolam pattern on the side, to keep your diya!

The “Sri Yantra” is a complex yantra consisting nine interlocking triangles surrounding a central bindu and bordered by lotus petals and triangular designs that symbolize the doors to the universe. The four of these triangles are pointing upward (representing masculine God Shiva) and five downward (representing female deity Shakti). The combination of the two triangles represents the metaphysical and biological union and the creative potential that gives rise to life and the universe. Actually Sri Yantra is a mathematically precise design and based upon Golden Proportion. Everything that exists in nature, is constructed in a proportionately precise manner and this proportion is called the Golden/Phi ratio. 

Made from an alloy of zinc and copper with pure silver inlay work (Tarkashi). This Shri Yantra Diya Plate is rendered by artisans of the Bidri Metalcraft, craft that was developed in the 14th century C.E. made by artisans from Bidar in Karnataka.

Cleaning Instruction: Apply few drops of coconut oil on item surface and clean with a dry cotton cloth.