Shanti Mantra - Wall Frame comes with a beautiful design having Shanti Mantra in Sanskrit, its pronunciation in English and its meaning in English. This is perfect gift for those who want to guide their intellect in right direction and do things as a team.
  • Shanti Mantra - Wall Frame is a framed wall art professionally printed with sharp, vivid designs that frame the Shanti Mantra. 
  • It is  Printed on Premium Quality Art Paper 
  • Elegant Frame that complements the work of art!
  • Hook at the back to make sure framed print stays on the wall for years to come
Om Sahana Vavatu is an ancient mantra often used as a prayer recited before studying sacred Hindu scriptures and at the beginning of classes at school. It is considered a Shanti Mantra, which is a chant or prayer for peace. The Shanti Mantras or "Peace Mantras" or Pancha Shanti are Hindu prayers for Peace (Shanti) found in Upanishads. Om Sahana Vavatu Mantra is commonly chanted as a way to honor the student and teacher relationship to create a genuine learning and developmental collaboration.
For the smooth flow of information, knowledge, and experience, the teacher must earn the trust of the students, the students must be receptive to receive the teacher's knowledge, and both must be passionate and focused on the subject matter, which can also be influenced by a passionate enough teacher who has the ability to awaken passion in others.

The gist of the Shanti Mantra -

Om, May we all be protected, May we all be nourished
May we work together with great energy
May our intellect be sharpened (may our study be effective)
Let there be no Animosity amongst us
Om, peace (in me), peace (in nature), peace (in divine forces)