Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of wisdom and consort of Brahma the creator. This Panchloha Saraswati Idol of 3.5 Inch is seated on a double lotus base with four arms. She is playing a beautifully carved veena with her other two arms she holds a copy of the vedas as well as prayer malas. Our Saraswati has a conical shape head dress as well as a halo behind her head. Her facial features are well defined with strong eyebrows and almond shaped eyes. 

This Saraswati Idol is a handmade, one of a kind, Panchaloha (a term for traditional five-metal alloys) sculpture cast by the artists of a small town on the banks of River Cauvery – SWAMIMALAI. The Highlight of the murti manufacture in Swamimalai is the usage of the ancient lost-wax method - a skill passed on for generations since the Chola period. A science that finds reference in the Rig Veda & Shilpa Sasthra, this age-old method spells precision, technique and aesthetics while adhering to firmly laid down standards and principles. Invite wisdom into your home with a Panchloha Saraswati Idol!