Better Understanding of the Indian Culture

This book contains information regarding various festivals celebrated all across India. Each festival holds its own significance, history, and rituals. Through this children gain knowledge about their culture and tradition which boosts their festive spirit. It is a great way to impart values and feel connected to the roots.

Fosters Strong Bonds

Festivals provide a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family members, visit holy places, and exchange hugs and gifts. Through this book, child get enlightened about festivals which makes them wish to get involved and develops strong life-long connections.

Learns the Importance of Team Work

Festive celebrations make people feel connected as they celebrate it in close proximity with great zeal and enthusiasm. A child learns the importance of teamwork and realizes that there is strength in unity. In the process of making arrangements, a child develops the habit of helping the parents in making the event a success. It also boosts the self-confidence and self-worth of a child.

A Must-have

The spectacular layout and excellent printing, make the book a must-have.

About the Author

Madhur Jaffrey 

Madhur Jaffrey was born near Delhi and grew up listening to stories such as these, mainly from the older women in the family. Today she is known throughout the world as a talented actress and, more recently, an author of cookery books. In Seasons of Splendour she has returned to the colourful myths and legends she was told as a child, and the result is a dramatic collection for children to read for themselves or have read aloud to them in the traditional Indian way.

Michael Foreman is an award-winning children's book author and illustrator.