Pure is a collection of our three delicate teas made for the different times of the day. For a lively start with Himalayan Wine Tea to a soothing cup of Glendale Classic Autumn Green Tea, this gift also features a pincer to steep tea conveniently.

This gift pack contains following items 
  2. HIMALAYAN WINE- 30 gm
  4. PERFECT PINCER- Quantity : 1 unit

GLENDALE CLASSIC AUTUMN GREEN - A light-bodied Nilgiri cup with refreshing floral notes.

HIMALAYAN WINE - Heavily-fired tea; a challenging tipple nonetheless.

CASTLETON SPECIAL SPRING CHINARY BLACKA Darjeeling cup with citrus notes & sweet green flavors.

PERFECT PINCER - A handy mesh infuser to scoop and steep tea with ease. A convenient infuser to give you the perfect tea brew without a teapot, the Pincer strainer is easy to use and practical. The stainless steel mesh makes it easy to re-steep and clean afterwards.

Brewing Technique:

Step 1: Heat water to the desired temperature. Ensure the water isn’t boiling as very high temperatures can easily destroy the delicate notes in the tea. Place the tea leaves in an infuser.

Step 2: Pour hot water over the tea leaves until they are submerged.

Step 3: Let it steep for the recommended time. Take care not to over-steep.

Step 4: Remove the tea leaves. Pour the infusion into a cup and enjoy.

How To Use The Pincer/ Infuser:

  • Squeeze handle to open ball-end of pincer.
  • Scoop desired quantity of tea leaves into the ball.
  • Close ball-end of pincer and place inside a teacup.
  • Add recently boiled water over it and allows leaves to steep.
  • When tea is ready, remove pincer and keep aside.
  • Clean out contents to reuse.

About Teas of India

Tea - Chai is synonymous with the Indic way of life. India is the second biggest tea producer in the world, right after China. Indian Assam and Darjeeling tea are well known around the world. But India has many other tea producing regions. Black tea is still the most important tea type, but each of them has a special character that depends on a terroir.