6" height Kalinga Krishna- idol is an art in bronze. This sculpture is inspired by the tale of Lord Krishna dancing upon and subduing Kāliya. Krishna is one of the most widely revered and most popular of all Indian divinities. According to legend Kalinga (Kaliya), the poisonous snake had occupied and poisoned the river Yamuna causing grave distress to the cowherds and the flora and fauna of Vrindavan. On hearing their plight, young Krishna jumped into the river and overpowered the vile serpent.

Snake Kaliya with its numerous hoods symbolizes the numerous desires of humans. When one desire gets fulfilled, another arises, like the new hoods of Kaliya. The hoods keep breaking and forming, but Krishna is unperturbed. This indicates the effort needed to suppress the human senses that distract one from realising the purpose of life. Only with God’s grace and help can anyone hope to win over the senses.

This bronze sculpture is hand made by a group of bronze artists whose families have been crafting bronze sculptures for centuries with the art being passed on by each generation.