This Set of 4 Wooden Diyas is made by artisans of Channapatna Woodcraft.

The set consists of 

  • 2 pcs Hourglass T-Light – Lacquered, wooden diya inspired by the region’s Lotus & the Pillar, enduring symbols of India’s heritage.
  • 2 pcs Wooden Diyas/ tea light canddle holders - Lacquered, wooden diya

Channapatna town of Karnataka is the main production centre for lacquered wooden toys and other utility items. It flourished under the royal patronage of Tipu Sultan, Ruler of Mysore in the 18th century. Toys are the signature craft product of this area, made from the close-grained hale wood. The use of vegetable-dyed lacquer makes wooden diyas eco-friendly and safe for children.

Tea lights and diyas form an integral part of our Indian households, especially in the festive season.  Light up your decor with these handcrafted wooden diyas or tea light holders. These candle holders in natural lacquerware colours makes a wonderful gift for friends and dear ones for any occasion!


Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Use damp cloth to clean.