This Ganesh Yantra Diya Plate is a tea-light/diya plate with Ganesh Yantra. It is inspired by Sacred Geometry- Yantras. Reminiscent of the yantra typically drawn in white chalk on a black slate, this one is in silver! A Rangoli. Kolam pattern on the side, to keep your diya!

Made from an alloy of zinc and copper with pure silver inlay work (Tarkashi). This Ganesh Yantra Diya Plate is rendered by artisans of the Bidri Metalcraft, craft that was developed in the 14th century C.E. made by artisans from Bidar in Karnataka.

The Ganesh Yantra illustrates the dance o the circle and the square with the circle representing the unconscious aspects of the psyche that are made squared or made conscious. This allows your consciousness to harvest the hidden treasures of the unconscious to fulfill of your tasks. This yantra consists of a square (with four gates that open to your four functions, four elements, four seasons and wholeness of consciousness.) and in its middle an eight petals lotus and six triangles, closed on each side. This permits the lotus within (the soul) to blossom into the wholeness represented by the eight petals. Masculine and feminine energies are thus integrated into a hermaphrodite soul.

Cleaning Instruction: Apply few drops of coconut oil on item surface and clean with a dry cotton cloth.