With this handmade Khavda Earthen Diya set, light up not just your home but your spirits too. Also, its design makes it a great piece for decor. Illuminate your room with Khavda Earthen Diya Set (set of 6 diyas).

'Khavda' pottery is an art form of Khavda, North Kutch. It’s a tradition that’s carried on from the Indus valley civilisation. Incredibly, the Khavda pottery style is identical to excavated pottery found in Harappa and Mohenjo Daro from almost 5,000 years ago. The style sees men shape the ‘rann ki mitti’ into utensils and decorative wares like earthen diya.

The terracotta pots of Khavda are distinct from the ones we see elsewhere, because of their painting and form which is a result of repeated cleaning at every stage of the process of their making.