Dry-fruits in elegant wooden bowls! Reusable for your dry snacks on various occasions. Elegant wooden Diyas that will light up your homes, way beyond Diwali!

  • 2 pcs Hourglass T-Light – Lacquered, wooden tea light candle holders inspired by the region’s Lotus & the Pillar, enduring symbols of India’s heritage. These candle holders are available in natural lacquerware colours.
  • 2 pcs Wooden Serving Bowls - Lacquered, wooden bowls. The serving bowls set is perfect for serving dry fruits. 
  • Dryfruits - Almond / badam (40 g) 
  • Dryfruits - Raisins / kishmish (40 g)
  • 1 pc Wooden Finger Top with Base - Finger Top -This small top is silent and graceful. You may at times wonder whether these just stand still! Available single top with a square base.

This is a wonderful gift for friends and dear ones for any occasion!

This Wooden Serving Bowls Set, top & tea light candle holders set is made by artisans of Channapatna Woodcraft, craft that has existed since the 1700s near Bangalore in Karnataka. Said to have originated in Persia, Tipu Sultan got local artisans from around Channapatana to learn and develop it, originally to make toys.

These handcrafted Wooden Bowls are made using traditional, turned lacquer ware techniques and are coloured using natural dyes. These products are absolutely eco friendly and non hazardous. These products are made using locally available soft wood called Ale Mara, natural lacquer and vegetable dyes like turmeric, spinach and indigo.

CARE: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Use damp cloth to clean.