Elements in a puja thali represent five cosmic elements. The 5 fundamental elements of the universe and the human body-Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), Prithvi (Earth) & Aakasha (Space)

These cosmic elements are the most important essentials that balance the entire universe. These elements help the worshipper get maximum blessings from the deity who is worshiped.

Versions of the puja thali, an integral part of the puja ceremony, exist across the country. Offer prayers to the deities with our beautifully designed Puja Thali made of brass, which will add elegance and charm to your Puja room. Each Thali is individually handcrafted.

  • Made of Brass.
  • Color: Gold.
  • This is a traditional Thali made of brass metal. It looks culturally ethnic

The Pooja Thali Pack consists of:

  1. Pooja plate
  2. Lota
  3. Long handle kapur burner
  4. Lamp/diya
  5. A katori
  6. An incense holder
  7. A bell
  • Perfect for regular poojas as well as special occasions/ festivities.
  • Spiritual Lucky Gift, Yoga Decor gift, Wedding Gift, Birthday Gift, Diwali Gifts.