Ganesh is standing atop a base.  This Black Ganesha Idol is handcrafted of oxidized metal. This Black Ganesha Idol should be placed in the living room or any other room. Also a popular gifting option for friends and relatives.

Ganesh is the son of Shiva and Parvati and the brother of Lord Murugan. He is the legendary scribe who wrote the Mahabharata epic using his broken tusk and is known as the "remover of obstacles".

The Ganesh has 6 arms that hold a noose, his broken tusk that he used to write the Mahabharata epic, an Indian sweet called a laddhu, and an elephant goad. Goads are symbolic of how one should steer the soul away from the ignorance and illusions of this earthly world just as a mahout would steer an elephant away from any treacherous path.

He stands holding a noose, elephant goad, his favorite sweet, a Modak that his trunk is playfully trying to access and his broken tusk.

This bronze Black Ganesha Idol is hand made by a group of bronze artists whose families have been crafting bronze sculptures for centuries with the art being passed on by each generation.

Lost-wax casting is the process by which a duplicate metal sculpture (bronze) is cast from an original sculpture.The oldest known example of this technique is a 6,000-year old amulet from Indus Valley Civilization.