Enjoy yogasanas naturally! A Banana Fiber Yoga Mat is the yoga practitioners favourite companion and what better way than to opt for a natural and an organic yoga mat in comparison with the synthetic rubber, PVC and chemical laden ones. Our eco friendly yoga mats are handmade in the region of India where Yoga has its origins. 

  • This yoga mat is hand loomed with banana fiber (using the stem waste).
  • Soft as cotton and more durable than cotton
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Provides thermal comfort both in cold and warm climates
  • Decomposes easily and completely when discarded

Craft Story:  The making of banana fibre is interesting as it is created out of the best of agricultural waste. Tonnes of banana trunks are usually disposed after harvesting, from which banana fibre is extracted. The fibres are woven together with cotton yarns, which provide this mat with a softer and more comfortable feel. Banana fibre is known to be supple and is a known hypoallergenic (which means, it is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction).

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