Bajirao and Mastani - Fragrances from the Fresh and Floral Oriental notes that are inspired by the two of the remarkable, brave and courageous historians of the culturally rich Maratha empire.

This set consists of two natural perfumes crafted in India from the best ingredients, traditions and based on world class formulations and processes. The Bajirao fragrance  - Musky notes combined with masculine leather, Agarwood and Tobacco symbolize a truly magnetic fragrance that will create a storm like the brave. A fragrance fit only for the kings! The Mastani fragrance is an exotic mix of eternal Rose, mesmerizing saffron and magical sandalwood. Rose symbolizes everlasting love, beauty and passion. A natural fragrance that is truly a show stopper… Like Mastani.

Key Features: 

  • Perfume quantity - 30 ml - combination of 15 ml of Bajirao and 15 ml of Mastani skin friendly the Bajirao and Mastani inspiration makes this perfume an ideal gift for couples celebrating their love and years of togetherness
  • Eau de Parfum - the long-lasting fragrance will last for 6-8 hours
  • Item Form: Liquid; Target Audience: Unisex


A little dip between the pulse points, a little whiff at the nape of the neck, and a little squirt at the pulse beating at the hollow of your throat, and you are set to wow the world with this Fragrance Story fragrance.  Can be used during the day or as an Evening Perfume, perfect for nights out and romantic evenings. 

Benefits of Natural Fragrances: 

  • Safe for Your Body –This  all-natural fragrance does not contain ingredients grown with chemicals, pesticides or toxins, which can cause skin sensitivity. It contains natural ingredients that present no harm to both external and internal body organs.
  • Calming and Soothing – Natural fragrance contains natural ingredients that are also used in aromatherapy to create a calming and soothing atmosphere. Instead of assaulting your senses or of those around you, a natural fragrance will induce relaxation and improve your mood.
  • Environmentally-Friendly – Many man-made chemicals used in making personal care items are detrimental to the environment. For perfumes, this is especially the case with parabens and petrochemicals-based ingredients. If these  substances end up in water bodies, for instance, they endanger marine life. The ingredients used in natural fragrances pose no risk to the environment. If you’re environmentally conscious, then you should consider switching from artificial fragrances to natural perfumes.
  • Great for Sensitive Skin – People with sensitive skin may have limited choices with traditional fragrances since most chemicals are irritating. This is rarely a concern with natural fragrances as plant extracts are gentle on the skin. 

  • This fragrance set is made, inspired by India's traditions around fragrances, on the belief that an extraordinary fragrance starts with a pleasing aroma and ends with countless memories. The perfumes are made using the finest of ingredients. Carefully created by the experienced noses from the industry, these FDA approved perfumes are of international quality and yet available at affordable rates These innovative products in unique packaging and elegant designs are also ideal for gifting on special occasions and festivals.