Tea is at the heart of Indian culture. What can be a more thoughtful gift than this well curated tea gift pack with five varieties of Indian flavorful and rich handpicked pack of tea leaves. The gift box set is a special and heartwarming gift box as it lets your loved one be reminded of how much you care. This gift box contains 5 flavoured tea all wrapped under one box. This gift pack contains following items 

  1. CLASSIC ASSAM BLACK - A delightful Assam cup with notes of malts & stone-fruits - Loose Leaf in Tin Caddy - 30 gm
  2. WAYANAD CARDAMOM MASALA CHAI- Full of personality and exploding with cardamom, Loose Leaf in Tin Caddy - 30 Grams
  3. DARJEELING SPECIAL SUMMER OOLONG -A blended oolong with flavors of orange blossom, lends itself to multiple steeps, Loose Leaf in Tin Caddy - 30 gm
  4. KASHMIRI KAHWA SAFFRON (KESAR) GREEN - Blend of smoked green tea, spices and saffron from the valley, Loose Leaf in Tin Caddy - 30 gm
  5. BOMBAY CUTTING MASALA CHAI, The choicest of spices including warm cardamom, sharp ginger and exotic fennel seeds are blended to perfection with fresh, strong Assam CTC, Loose Leaf in Tin Caddy - 30 gm

CLASSIC ASSAM BLACK - Picked from Assam's finest tea estates, this classic blend is a tea lovers' favorite. A full-bodied cup with characteristic malty aromas! Hints of yellow raisins and date palms come towards the middle with delectable notes of stone-fruits near the end. A perfect cup to start your day!

WAYANAD CARDAMOM MASALA CHAI - Cardamom chai is one of the most popular varieties of chai across India. Aromatic cardamom pods are crushed and blended with Assam CTC to create this flavorful chai. Enjoy the sweet malty notes that brim from every cup you brew.

DARJEELING SPECIAL SUMMER OOLONG This is a blended oolong with a complex, more-brisk-than-usual character. The dry leaf mix has an abundance of tips which lends brightness to the cup, while the high-fired leaves embolden the brew with darker, more earthy flavors. Its likely to find takers among those with an adventurous palate.

KASHMIRI KAHWA SAFFRON (KESAR) GREEN - Kahwa is a traditional green tea preparation made with exotic spices. Our signature blend features fine green tea which has been combined with rich ingredients, including cardamom, almonds, cinnamon and cloves. Its signature flavor is derived from the use of saffron strands, that are included in the blend. A truly celebratory tea, Kahwa is best served during brunch hours.

Bombay Cutting Masala Chai  - Take a trip to the heart of all things India, with a delectable cup of this tea blend. The choicest of spices including warm cardamom, sharp ginger and exotic fennel seeds are blended to perfection with fresh, strong Assam CTC. With some milk and sugar, this makes the ideal cup of indulgence, whenever the mood suits you.

Brewing Technique:

Step 1: Heat water to the desired temperature. Ensure the water isn’t boiling as very high temperatures can easily destroy the delicate notes in the tea. Place the tea leaves in an infuser.

Step 2: Pour hot water over the tea leaves until they are submerged.

Step 3: Let it steep for the recommended time. Take care not to over-steep.

Step 4: Remove the tea leaves. Pour the infusion into a cup and enjoy.

About Teas of India

Tea - Chai is synonymous with the Indic way of life. India is the second biggest tea producer in the world, right after China. Indian Assam and Darjeeling tea are well known around the world. But India has many other tea producing regions. Black tea is still the most important tea type, but each of them has a special character that depends on a terroir.